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Power Commander Error Code 11


There are other ways to accomplish the scope of the installation CD but will require some time to deploy. The Power Commander III USB needs power to complete this; either the 9-volt adapter or by running the engine. Small cuts may be difficult to see. The bike should always be running when setting the throttle position, as the voltage the sensor sends out can vary between when the bike is at “key on” and “motor running”. check over here

If yes, then load a zero map from us to the Power Commander. Highlight the zero percent column and instead of using negative numbers, try adding fuel to the map. Make sure you have a fresh (above 8.5 volts) 9 volt battery if using the battery adapter; or if using the bikes power, most bikes need to be running to provide Starting Line Products, primarily Polaris, 208-529-0244 Dynotech Research, primarily Ski-Doo, 585-993-2777 Ulmer Racing, primarily Yamaha, 605-387-2833 Speedwerx, primarily Arctic Cat, 651-982-6020 Tuning Issues Answer Harley crank error or no start If

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For example a value of 83 would give about one second of fuel at 5000 rpm, and two seconds of fuel at 2500 rpm. If the stock o2 sensors are left connected as from the factory, they would conflict with the fuel changes the Power Commander is making. Separate these two wires; and leave the Black wire at normal ground location.

The Power Commander V firmware update often needs to be run a few times to complete fully. To do this go to Map Tools, AutoTune tables, Delete tables. Verify the placement of the Throttle Position Sensor wire tap. Power Commander 3 Software Answer All Models My Power Commander came with O2 eliminators, should I use these and what are they?

The Gray wire from the Power Commander should be connected to the variable volt wire. Power Commander 3 Usb Answer Applicable to 807-511 The Power Commander connectors have water in them after riding through rain or wet weather. A Power Commander for one vehicle, most likely will NOT work on a different vehicle. http://www.fireblades.org/forums/general-discussion/78250-problem-power-commander-3-usb.html In order for the Power Commander to do that, it has to know the other unit has been added.

First with an ohm meter, disconnect the QS, and connect the ohm meter to each wire from the QS. What Does A Power Commander Do For A Motorcycle Highlight the zero percent column from 2,000 rpm to redline and enter in values from -40 to -50. When installing the firmware, the "Update Settings" function of the firmware loading process did not go through correctly. Now just repeat the above steps for each of the gages you want to display.

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Product / Company Media Privacy Policy Product Warranty Follow Us Sign Up for our Newsletter! Adjusting the ignition table could also help in deceleration popping. Power Commander 3 Maps Software Issues and Features Answer Can I use two maps and AutoTune at the same time? Power Commander 3 Instructions They will then be required to re-Start their computer.

Power Commander Installation Issues Answer Will this Power Commander fit my bike? http://exactcomputerrepair.com/power-commander/power-commander-error-code-39.html Please read this file for additional information the Accelerator Pump feature. If the screen is oriented with buttons on the right, the buttons do the following: The top button is Escape. The race ready Power Commander line allows for fuel changes to be made in the entire map as well as offering several more features which are omitted from the EX units. Power Commander 3 Installation

The Power Commander III USB needs the 9 volt adapter to perform a firmware update. The PCIIIUSB map will be converted to PCV format, and opened in the PCV software. . This should refresh the USB port. this content Answer Applicable to 209-411 Bike may or may not start, idles rough, and the TPS does not set correctly.

What does the “SE” mean? Power Commander Tech Support The firmware must be loaded into the Power Commander and when you go to the "View" menu and "Power Commander Information", the firmware version should show 2.0.4. Be sure to Send Map after accepting the trims.

The light(s) should show up in the last place they were left, by default the center two lights.Select the range you wish to adjust: Low, Med, High by pushing the corresponding

It should have a constant green light on. If you go to "View" and "Power Commander Information" menu, the only module shown is Module 0. A sudden change in the software or hardware on the PC commonly causes this problem, you cannot solve it by just pressing some keys in the keyboard because it will affect Power Commander V Tuning Tips Short term solution 2: Bypass the Flash installer and run the PC3 setup file manually.

Answer Bike Model Specific Issues Harley Touring Model On my Harley Touring model once in a while my cruise control and 6th gear light will stop working. But it will never work with my laptop. You are free to change these values to meet your needs or desires. http://exactcomputerrepair.com/power-commander/power-commander-v-error-code-71.html Once the Power Commander is locked, you will not be able to Get or Send a map unless you follow the same process to unlock it.

The Power Commander controls the secondary units SFM or Ignition modules. On bikes that keep the injectors on during deceleration adjustments to the fuel table in the zero percent fuel column from 2,000 rpm to redline may help reduce popping. Power Commander Accessory Issues Answer Software Issues and Features Setting throttle position We have seen as high as an 8% variation in the throttle position from bike to bike. Answer Applicable to PC III USB When I connect my PCIIIusb to my computer running Windows 98SE, it asks for “drivers”.

Are they open today? Three and four cylinder models would require an additional Ignition Module accessory for this capability, if available. At this point holding that button down will move the lights down (leaning out the mixture). Tuning Issues Answer Snowmobile Maps Dynojet does not create, or have any Power Commander maps for any snowmobile.

This feature was added to allow people using an LCD-200 to make easy adjustments to fuel, without a computer.