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U.S. The overall control program for the machine is initiated every other time the power line input crosses the zero voltage value. MICROCODE TABLE III__________________________________________________________________________LOC OBJ OP1 OP2 SOURCE STATEMENT__________________________________________________________________________ BEGIN VANESTP (ERRNO) `COLLATOR` 671E ORG VANESTP 1. ELSE 6838 COLVC15 DC * 7. ##STR4##6838 96 0006 TP MD1UPR6839 3C62 6862 BNZ COLVC30 TPB CPSB13,RECVAN1R683B A61D 0001D683D 92 0002683E 3C62 6862 BNZ COLVC30 SRG BASERG6840 A9C9 00096842 A662 0062 navigate here

As will be explained below in more detail, the routine shown in FIGS. 6 and 7 and Table I is continually executed in sequence with many other routines. IF (COL1HOM) RIN CSB066898 A60D 000D LB VANRECCT689A A800 0000 CI 0689C 44 68A4 JE COLVC80 6. . . . . . VANRECCT=VANECTR688E E4 0004 LR VANECTR688F A10D 000D STB VANRECCT ##STR10## TPB CPSB06,COLDOWN6891 A617 00176893 97 00076894 68 6898 JNZ COLVC076 6. . . . . . Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! http://www.pitneybowes.com/uk/support/find-your-answers/franking-error-code.html

Pitney Bowes Meter Error Ede00

A status bit COLDOWN is tested at location 6560. The recovery program to be described includes parts of the COLVNCTR process, a COLRST1 subroutine, and two synchronous programs, EC4 and EC9. In the following explanation, it should be noted that the move requests, VANEUP and VANEDWN, are reset by the index pulses and set by the sheet switch signals.

THEN 62E8 COL0830 DC * 7. . . . . . . Question about 9920 Plain Paper Fax 6 Answers Needs Access Code Needs Access Code We moved facility location and the FAX machines wee rotataed to differenrt departments.Theone I got is asking COLVANE1 is an integration bit used to integrate the sheet switch closure. Pitney Bowes Error 1816 A computerized method for providing enhanced help messages for equipment operation, the method comprising: automatically detecting an error condition in a device having a processor; determining, with the processor, that the

The machine is further provided with a recovery means that is responsive to the detector for correctly positioning the directing means so that correct operation of the collator can be resumed Pitney Bowes Error Code Ede00 Specifically, with the flip-flop 42 reset, closing the index switch enables an AND gate 45 to set the flip-flop 41. if that does not work use ***1 tech override code Question about 9920 Plain Paper Fax 1 Answer 9720 Pitney Bowes Fax - access code has mysteriously been placed 9720 Pitney his explanation IF HOMCOL1R SRG COLRG74A9 A9D0 00D074AB A618 0018 LB CPSB0774AD B7 0007 TR HOMCOL1R74AE 3DCA 74CA BZ EC4E3Y8 5. . . . .

The error, therefore, is that a sheet is being fed while the directing means is moving, the index switch is stuck in the closed position, or that there were two successive Pitney Bowes System Fault De30 Press no until you see set secure access? ENDIF 6862 COLVC35 DC * 5. . . . . More detailed explanations of the operation of collators are presented in References '296, '871, and '032.

Pitney Bowes Error Code Ede00

The invention as claimed in claim 4 further including the step of recovering by correctly disposing said directing means according to indications from said detecting step to permit resumption of correct https://www.pitneybowes-support.com/1402/home.php?lang_id=11&group_id=62&group_name=technical-support&category_id=231&category_name=franking-machines&model_id=1533&model_name=dm-100-p720&page_id=947&page_name=usage&subp If the collator motor is not on, the routine is ended. Pitney Bowes Meter Error Ede00 The invention as claimed in claim 5 including the step of supplying signals indicative of the type of error detected. 7. Pitney Bowes Franking Machine Error Codes If reset, it is set and the process is exited.

The smart phone 12 goes to the URL (step 10) by accessing the website server 14 via the network 13. check over here Exemplary error messages for a device 1 might include "REPLACE INK CARTRIDGE," "CLEAR FEEDER JAM," or "CHECK ENVELOPE SENSOR," as shown in Figure 2 (reference numbers 2a, 2b, and 2c). ENDIF 4. . . . FIG. 7 is a flowchart showing the sequence of steps for detecting an index switch error. Pitney Bowes Error 11

THEN 5. . . . . THEN 6. . . . . . THEN 4. . . . http://exactcomputerrepair.com/pitney-bowes/pitney-bowes-error-c09.html ENDIF 685B COLVC25 DC * 8. . . . . . . .

The fourth portion of FIG. 3 shows the switch signals that occur when a sheet is fed while the directing means 13 is moving or when the index switch is stuck Pitney Bowes System Fault De1d Privacy Policy & Terms of Use. ELSE 6570 COLV14 DC * 7. . . . . . .

THEN 2. .

No. 4,086,658 (Finlay) "Input/Output and Diagnostic Arrangements for Programmable Machine Controllers Having Multiprogramming Capabilities", hereinafter referred to as Ref. '658. Therefore, at location 684A, a test is made to determine which direction the collator was moving, setting errors at locations 6850 or 6856. A computerized method for providing enhanced help messages for equipment operation, the method comprising: automatically detecting an error condition in a device having a processor; determining, with the processor, that the Pitney Bowes Error 1822 Therefore, out-of-line subroutines are stored only once in the memory but may be executed from any point in the program.

CALL VANESTP (F12) LID COLF12ER7493 AE07 07497495 297496 AE49 07497498 321E67 0002 671E BAL R2,VANESTP749B 2CE5 74E5 B EC4E3Y9 3. . . SAVE ERRNO671E 80 0000 STR R0 1. ERRCODE=F14 LID COLF14ER656A AE07 0751656C 29656D AE51 0751656F 01 6571 J COLV15 7. . . . . . . weblink The CSOFTSTP (collator soft stop) subroutine is illustrated in FIG. 10 and Table IV. (A hard stop is a stopping routine which immediately halts the machine because continued operation would cause

Upon return from the subroutine, the COLNPRES bit is tested at location 1203. ELSE 656A COLV13 DC * 8. . . . . . . . The logic circuit of FIG. 4 detects the above-described index and sheet errors. The system of claim 7 wherein the processor is further configured to include an error code in the barcode, the website server configured to utilize the error code to provide website

RECVAN2R=167A6 AF08 0003 TS RECVAN2R67A8 A11D 001D STB CPSB13 3. . . Nov. 197531. Juli 2012Sharp Laboratories Of America, Inc.Printer system and method for recovery from a document assembly failureUS9290352 *14. The scannable barcode includes a website link to a website having more detailed information to assist an operator in performing the operator action.

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