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Pgp Error Code 12450

I'm just wondering if this has been done, or maybe I'm missing something simple here?   Thanks!  

0 0 02/27/13--10:16: PGP Bypass for USMT task sequence Contact us about The bootloader shows the following information: PGP Desktop Whole Disk Encryption 10.2.0 (build 2604). If/when you consider your issue resolved, please click Mark As Solution on the most helpful response. C.A.S. Source

If you haven't already, I'd try rebooting. Translated Content This is machine translated content Login to Subscribe Please login to set up your subscription. Then I tried the PGP command line --enum, Disk 0 enumed fine, Disk 1 only showed 2 drives online (those were the HP tools and recovery partitions) instead of the expected So here is the scenario.

That is messed up right?? After i finished my work i did a shut down. I heard netshare(file share encryption) can encrypt all type of file.(usually in advertisement) but in technologycally, encryption will be impossible for the some case.   I would like to know about Any suggestions on where I can go next to try to recover my data?

Where do I find the right recovery disk for this version of PGP? Come faccio a recuperarlo ? I'm afraid that one day i will lost all my data because of this issue? We are currently using automatic authentication and the only option available is "Administrator Login Unlock." The HelpDesk option is grayed out although we do have the "One-Time Password" option enabled and

So i left the "PGP change password screen" and started to search in internet if this was a common problem on the second machine. I know the hard drive decrypts if the trial version isn't purchased. Contact us about this article I need a solution Hi Everyone,   I'm not able to boot Windows on a PGP encrypted HDD, so I'm trying to find out the correct https://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/running-pgpwde-commands-localsystem-account Thanks, JL

0 0 02/27/13--18:32: A question about data recovery Contact us about this article I do not need a solution (just sharing information) It is possible to software like

The bootguard could not detect any other drive other than Disk 0 (the 'master' disk). Can anyone assist me in resolving this please. One thing I thought would be the issue is when we went to add a new user we selected the use windows credentials instead of create new user. It seems it wants to create encrypted disk as if nothing had been previousely set up.

But I am at a loss of how to carry on at this point. http://discussions389.rssing.com/chan-7268852/all_p4.html I try update from 10.2.1 to 10.3.1 but problem still exist... I have also used the Stop/Resume in the command line with no luck Here is what I see when I run a staus from the command line: Disk 0 is instrumented The PGP service is running, however I am unable to access the client.

Ciò mi ha costretto a reinstallare anche il mio PGP Desktop 10.0.2 Ho quindi cercato e recuperato il mio disco criptato. http://exactcomputerrepair.com/pgp-error/pgp-error-code-11984.html You may be able to continue through the Advanced menu or recovery tool. Thank you. 8433121 1362157663

0 0 03/03/13--03:24: PGP crushing my machine Contact us about this article I need a solution Hello All, We decided to start with deployment of PGP What if that disk was dead...

Oder was sollte ich am besten tun um wieder an die Daten ran zu kommen?   Danke im vor ab

0 0 01/08/14--07:35: Very bad boot performance with new SSD If these suggestions do not help, it may be helpful to state your operating system, what PGP version you are using, and specifics as to when this error occurs. The unmanaged disks have their own admin and user. have a peek here It could be that enrollment failed to complete successfully.

ma una volta caricato non riesco a installarlo. Otherwise you cannot input a pass phrase at boot without a KB. I've looked on the event viewer, and at same time of the shut down i see this log below.

I have this error: "policies not yet downloaded from symantec encryption server" This is the environment: SEMS 3.3.1 on a DMZ Exchange Server 2010 in LAN Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.5.1 in

Everything was fine until latest version of PGP/now Drive Encryption. This all goes well. This password contains the "@" sign. Pls help.

0 0 01/08/14--05:43: Bootguard missing/ Blackscreen - Windows absturz/Laptop/kein Strom mehr Contact us about this article I need a solution Hallo alle, da ich schon Google geälzt habe

Can anyone shed any light on what is missing ?

0 0 01/13/14--04:48: Disk is decrypted but not readable through Windows Contact us about this article I need a solution Best regards.   -Tim RE: Symantec Encryption Desktop - Corporate version 10.3.1  Build 13100 OS: Windows 8.1

0 0 01/16/14--06:20: Update Policy on SED Contact us about this article I Education Services Maximize your product competency and validate technical knowledge to gain the most benefit from your IT investments. http://exactcomputerrepair.com/pgp-error/pgp-error-code-11976.html We installed PGP and using an Admin account we create the frst user and encrypt the drive.

I was a little bit surprised, but since i did not find any solution about my problem, i started to work on that machine. The problem at this point is that the screen freezes here, no response of any kind was exhibited when I 'Press any key to return'. Thanks in advance for your help.

0 0 03/19/13--03:19: PGP WDE 10.2.1 Silent Install via GPO Contact us about this article I need a solution We currently install PGP WDE This is where the problem is.

This token scheme is A SECURITY RISK. I have Silent Enrollment enabled and Directory Synchronization is enabled. PGP volume is empty when mounted Contact us about this article I need a solution Old laptop died after being in water.  However have a full disk back up with Acronis. PGP ... 10/21/13--13:28: _PGP Global Server s... 10/21/13--23:34: _PGP - Blue Screen E... 10/22/13--21:32: _Continuous BSOD / K... 10/28/13--14:07: _Full Disk Encryptio... 10/31/13--12:19: _Modifying files and... 11/02/13--06:58: _Urgent - Need to

As of now a new user needs to be added manually by an exixting WDE user or WDE admin.

0 0 03/18/13--08:21: password lost after trying to change it Contact us about One item of note - even with the drive decrypted, I still get the PGP prompt on boot-up.        

0 0 01/30/14--00:39: Multiple Disk ID in PGP After looking online I found the article at http://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?pag... Is there anyway to restore the MBR with the WDE bootloader, bootguard? 3.

PGP:message is blocked- cannection to tray failed - Comment:15 Aug 2013 : Link I am also getting this error. In a managed environment, it should not let you use any of the PGP functionality if you have not enrolled to the server. This works fine until I come to manually installing a newer version for testing before applying it to the GPO. From some unknown reason, my machine got cruhsed 2 times since the encryption.

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0 0 11/23/13--19:51: Unable to unmount PGP virtual Disk Contact us about this article I need a solution OS: Windows 7 Pro, SP1 Product: Symantec Encryption Desktop, Version Thank You.

0 0 02/27/13--05:31: Allow Users to Get Their Own WDRT Contact us about this article I need a solution We use PGP Universal server with LDAP. The blue screen error is a page fault in nonpaged area I found when I used the stop reboot on blue screen option. thanks for your reply.

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