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Postal Error Codes


VR06 Phone and Email Match The phone and email match. A street name like MAIN ST was standardized to N MAIN ST. An Improved Business address could not be furnished. GS04 Geocoded to State Level The record was geocoded to the state (administrative area) level. http://exactcomputerrepair.com/error-codes/postal-service-error-codes.html

This US address is not serviced by the USPS but does exist and may receive mail through third party carriers like UPS. CM11 Cannot Match Rural Default The COA could not be matched because the input record is a potential match to a family COA record from a Rural Route or Highway Contract VR05 Address and Email Match The address and email match. CASS Error Code Summary Error Code Cass Description Summary Sample E101 Last line is bad or missing There was no City, State and Zip input to standardize.

Usps Error Codes

QE03 Invalid Integer The value's integer value is invalid. PS10 Residential Number The phone number belongs to a residence. Any address could be an example E500 Other Error E500 is a catch-all error code assigned when no more specific code can be assigned.

QS62 Disposable Domain The e-mail value contains a known 'disposable' domain. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. This address can only receive mail delivered through the USPS (i.e. Ncoa Match Flag Codes CM05 Cannot Match Secondary The COA could not be matched because the street address does not match with the secondary number.

GS06 Geocoded to Interpolated Rooftop Level The record was geocoded down to the rooftop level using interpolation (educated estimations using street coordinates). Usps Cass Error Codes Please check the syntax of FileExtension in your code. -3209 No more users allowed This account has reached the limit for the number of users allowed. CS02 Standardized Address The record is not a 'move' but was standardized. Get More Information The input address matched to a Rural Route record in the USPS database and a box number was not provided in the input address.

YS05 Multiple Matches More than one matching record was found during lookup. Ncoa Move Type Codes See the manual for further details. AE14 PMB Number Missing US Only. These "leftovers" can be found in a field called Leftout_.

Usps Cass Error Codes

The input record state is not a valid two-character abbreviation, but AccuZIP6 could determine a valid state from the input record’s ZIP code. check here The EWS file includes addresses that will be added to the USPS ZIP+4 Code Master File in the coming months, such as housing developments and new construction. Usps Error Codes The unrecognized data has been placed in the ParsedGarbage/AddressExtras field. Ncoa Error Codes This address is not suitable for delivery.  A record will be classified as E505 by ACE if it is a default record.

The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. check my blog WSE13 Request Record Range Exceeded The requesting records must in the range of 1 and 500. SE13 Requesting Record Range Exceeded Requesting records must in the range of 1 to 100. AS13 Address Updated By LACS US Only. Coa Match Flag Codes

AE09 Sub Premise Number Missing The thoroughfare (street address) was found but the sub premise (suite) was missing. GW Code Short Description Long Description GW01 Expiring License The license will expire within 2 weeks. The input street is preserved. this content warning number 6.1, but a correct 5-digit ZIP was added to the record to improve delivery.

FE02 Minimum Input Not Met The minimum input requirements were not met. Ncoa Return Codes The input address matched to a Rural Route record in the USPS database and the box number matched exactly one found in the USPS database. Personator - Append DA Code Short Description Long Description DA00 Address Appended An address was changed or appended.

VS13 Partial First Name Match A match was made to the first name only.

E101 - Last line is bad or missing E212 - No city and bad ZIP/postal code E213 - Bad city valid state/province and no ZIP E214 - Bad city and bad CS11 Family Move The record is classified as a family. To increase this limit, please Contact Us. -3210 Last administrator for account This user is the last administrator for this account. Cass Return Codes GS05 Geocoded to Rooftop Level The record was geocoded down to the rooftop level.

Please post your code on our forum for further assistance. -3130 Unsupported file extension in ImageSideFileType File extension provided for ImageSideFileType is unsupported. -3131 Unsupported file extension in AddressSideFileType File extension ES06 Spamtrap Domain The domain name of the submitted email was identified as a spamtrap. Warning number 12.2: Unit missing. http://exactcomputerrepair.com/error-codes/pos-error-codes.html Warning number 11.12: Street missing.

A status code of -1000 and greater is a final indicator and will remain unchanged upon subsequent queries. AV15 SubPremises Partial The address has been partially verified to the SubPremises (Suite) or PO Box Level, which is NOT the highest level possible with the reference data. Warning number 9.2: State determined from ZIP. QE10 Length Size Exceeded The value's length exceeds the user-specified size.

These ZIPs are flagged as "unique" in the USPS Database. CM04 Box Closed A COA was found.