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Pos System Error Codes


This applies to cards that have a readable magnetic stripe. The terminals supplied by TSYS have the client s merchant account information More information State of California Child Welfare Services/Case Management System. C9 No Phone Line Available The terminal has not detected a phone line connection or dial tone from a telephone line which needs to be connected to the terminal.. Request a new authorization, and if successful, proceed with the capture. 243 DINVALIDDATA Decline - The transaction has already been settled or reversed.This reason code is specifically for Japan. check over here

To easily search through these PDFs for your code, open the PDF and press ctrl + f. You should also check the telephone line by connecting a working telephone to the same wall jack and listening for a dial tone. It is caused by multiple concurrent transactions (i.e. SWCS 4.2 Client Configuration Users Guide Revision 49 11/26/2012 Solatech, Inc. see this here

Chase Paymentech Error Codes

Please choose a longer password. [ERROR_PWD_TOO_SHORT (0x267)]Error Code 616: The policy of your user account does not allow you to change passwords too frequently. Give the customer the error receipt and instruct the customer to call the Customer Service number located on the back of their EBT card to select a PIN number. Please try to save this file elsewhere. [ERROR_LOST_WRITEBEHIND_DATA (0x254)]Error Code 597: The parameter(s) passed to the server in the client/server shared memory window were invalid.

Phone P-1 WOW! Log-In Guide Provider OnLine Log-In Guide Table of Contents 1 LOG-IN ACCESS... 3 1.1 ENTERING THE USER ID AND PASSWORD... 4 1.2 OVERVIEW AND PURPOSE OF TRICIPHER... 5 1.2.1 Log-in for This application note provides a set of debugging steps More information Feature Reference. Denial Code 591 If the cardholder does not remember their PIN, he/she should all the Customer Service number on the back of their EBT card. 75 Re-Enter Transaction Re-enter the 19 Return Exceeds Limit

Invalid Rtng Ind 453 Invalid Routing Indicator field. Pos Terminal Error Codes center 235 DECLINED CALL 1-800-268-7760 290 DECLINED ERROR UNKNOWN 291 DECLINED ERROR 10: FORMAT 292 DECLINED ERROR 11: MAPP 293 DECLINED ERROR 13: ACCT # 294 DECLINED ERROR 15: MERCH 295 Unleash Your Phone User Manual Welcome Unleash Your Phone For assistance with installation or troubleshooting common problems, please refer to this User Manual or Quick Installation Guide. https://support.revelsystems.com/hc/en-us/articles/205407585-CC-error-codes- Computer Requirements.

Thank you for choosing Telkom to provide your ADSL service. Chase Paymentech Avs Response Codes Dscv Not Allowed 430 Merchant not set up for Discover. General Information... 4 2. Invalid PIN 306 Incorrect PIN block length.

Pos Terminal Error Codes

There has been fraud reported on the account. Call the XEROX EBT Retailer Help with the error code. Chase Paymentech Error Codes Invalid Term ID 300 The length of the merchant ID is incorrect or contains invalid data. Chase Denial Codes The relocation occurred because the DLL %hs occupied an address range reserved for Windows system DLLs.

Invalid ABA No 207 Invalid American Banking Association number. http://exactcomputerrepair.com/error-codes/pos-error-codes.html You can capture the authorization, but consider reviewing the order for the possibility of fraud. 231 DINVALIDCARD Decline - Invalid account number Request a different card or other form of payment. Generated Tue, 06 Dec 2016 00:50:46 GMT by s_ac16 (squid/3.5.20) Phone Reference Guide WOW! Chase Paymentech Decline Code 200

This will allow you to bypass the limit on the card. 93 Decline Violation, cannot complete. JCB Not Allowed 442 JCB CD flag on merchant record not set up for JCB transactions. Table of Contents About your Broadband Phone Gateway (BPG510)... 4 Opening the BPG510's More information If you need additional assistance please contact our Technical Support Center at 24 hours a day, this content You only need to configure your More information Connecting to the Internet.

center 052 DECLINED Please call your (Visa, MC, Amex) auth. Ebt Declined Codes At least one other device that uses that IRQ was already opened. [ERROR_IRQ_BUSY (0x45F)]Error Code 1120: A serial I/O operation was completed by another write to the serial port. It has been marked for fraud.

Question More information Getting Started with Telephone & Internet Services Getting Started with Telephone & Internet Services Frequently Asked Questions Phone Features Voice Mail Features DSL Troubleshooting Your First Bill Payment

Please try the request again. Bat Already Rels 452 Batch has already been released. More information CBA - Extensive Response Code Report. 00 -Transaction Approved Approved or completed successfully. Credit Card Machine Error Codes Call Centers... 6 Vendor Help Line...

This manual, as well as the software described More information Your Louisiana Purchase Card Your Louisiana Purchase Card 5044 7600 0000 0000 JOHN Q PUBLIC WELCOME TO LOUISIANA ELECTRONIC BENEFIT TRANSFER Sample Installation Setup - Vonage phone adapter in front of router 1. What can we do better? have a peek at these guys Transaction Menu 3 2.1 PURCHASE 3 2.2 REVERSAL 3 2.3 AUTHORIZATION 5 2.4 ADVICE 9 2.5 11 2.6 CASH ADVANCE 13 2.7 RECONCILIATION 15 2.8 More information GIFT CARD PROGRAM QUICK

The system has been shut down. [ERROR_SYSTEM_IMAGE_BAD_SIGNATURE (0x27D)]Error Code 638: Device will not start without a reboot. [ERROR_PNP_REBOOT_REQUIRED (0x27E)]Error Code 639: There is not enough power to complete the requested operation. T2 Invalid ABA Invalid ABA number, not an ACH participant. Resend the request with the correct information. 104 DDUPLICATE Declined - ThemerchantReferenceCodesent with this authorization request matches the merchantReferenceCode of another authorization request that you sent in the last 15 minutes. All rights reserved worldwide.

Issue a new authorization and capture request for the new amount. 236 DINVALIDDATA Decline - Processor failure. Invalid Key 433 No Amex subscriber number, process control ID or product code set up Invalid Key 434 Future use. Invalid Act Code 403 Merchant not set up for cash advance function. Request a different card or other form of payment. 210 DCARDREFUSED Decline - The card has reached the credit limit.

Inv PIN Capability 319 Pin capability code field contains invalid data. Auth Down-Retry 221 Debit authorizer temporarily unavailable. Call Centers...6 Provider Help Line...6 Cardholder More information FUTURE PROOF TERMINAL QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE. Call the 800 number on the back of the card to determine the issue. 07 Hold-call or Pick Up Card Pick up the card.

The caller now needs to enumerate the files to find the changes. [ERROR_NOTIFY_ENUM_DIR (0x3FE)]Error Code 1051: A stop control has been sent to a service that other running services are dependent