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Pin Pad Error Code 54


The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Also may try using Windows to delete the hardware port, restart the system and let Windows recreate the port. If it occurs in Report Manager, delete RPT#.DAT or turn off Detailed setting. at least four asterisks **** appear on the display) but no more than 12 digits before pressing OK. this contact form

INCORRECT PIN - LAST RETRY PRESS OK Top of page The second attempt to enter a PIN for this transaction was incorrect. BA Biller Reference is missing or invalid Biller Reference is either missing ("") or contains more than 18 characters. It you get this error, first try to remember what was being done when it occurred. Error 372 - Failed to load control status bar from MSCOMCTL.OCX: This error may indicate the need to upgrade the computer operating system from Windows 95A to 95B or 95C. my response

Moneris Error Codes

This could also indicate that the use of the card has been temporarily suspended. 6 DECLINED - CONTACT Anchor The message sent by the terminal to the bank's system contained an Error - Date Mask Not Yet Supported: This error may occur if the file GLLINK.DAT is corrupt. There may also be the need to reinstall KS and rerun SETUPWS.EXE or try running REGDLLS.BAT from the server on the computer displaying the error and restart the computer. Use port setting: "port=file=lpt1." (including the period character).

Error 11 - Division By Zero: This error occurs either the DOS or Windows version in Purchase Manager only. Always want to base on size. #203 - File size is greater than 8Mb (64K in version 4.0). The error may display converting from v4.55 (which was a beta version). Chip Error Debit Card IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing random errors with your system, please review the section on Power Conditioning at the beginning of the Custom Modules and Advanced Features User Guide Appendix.

If the printer is not on line, check to see that it is properly plugged in, the power is turned on, and paper is loaded; sometimes it is necessary to disconnect Tech Support | F.A.Q. | Updates [email Sales/No Javascript] | [email Webmaster/No JavaScript] Copyright 1988 - 2016 Specialized Business Solutions | 800.359.3458 Keystroke is trademark of Specialized Business Solutions. | All When the ENTER PIN prompt reappears on the PINpad: - Ask the cardholder to retry entering their PIN on the PINpad. - Remind them that they must key in at least his comment is here Keystroke Errors & Warnings Sections: Common Error Messages Section Error Messages Section - listed by Error Number Error Messages Section - No Error Number Warning Messages Section - listed by Warning

Look at the number of records and compare it to the actual size of the file. Moneris Response Codes Document SYSTEM ERROR RESPONSE CODES 150 06 Merchant Not On File Re-Try Cannot Process Edit Error Please Re-Try/ Recommencer Non Traitable Erreur Edition Recommencez S.V.P. 200 06 Invalid Account Re-Try Cannot Process Try using an alternate Form File (i.e., one that uses the dash and equal signs instead of unbroken line draw characters), or changing the Single and Double Line codes in the NOT COMPLETED Top of page A prompt requiring data entry was left blank too long.

Moneris Response Code 481

Ask the cardholder to remove the chip card from the chip card reader on the PINpad. If not, the transaction is cancelled. - Request another form of payment. Moneris Error Codes Check that the printer cable is connected to the same port that is specified in the Printer or Cash Drawer Setup. Moneris Response Codes Try to pinpoint which record (Invoice, Inventory item, etc.) is causing the error and look at the data for any fields with *** (multiple asterisks).

If the message reappears, press CORR on the PINpad then swipe the card on the 6200. weblink On newer machines with hard disks greater than 2GB, the /NOD switch can be used if you are certain there is enough disk space. Error 432 - FileName Or ClassName Not Found During Automation Operation: This error indicates the need to rename WS*.INI and WS*.ATB in keystrok\data directory. declines. Moneris Code 05-481

Note: The "#" in the above file names indicates a specific file name/number. This could be because the card number or card series has been revoked or the number was simply miskeyed. 19 RETRY TRANSACTION The transaction has not been processed.Retry the transaction. 21 AR will be out of balance. navigate here Others work though... /e: Ok, after restarting Steam the problem solved itself.

Error 13 - Type Mismatch: This error is usually due to an incorrect Import setup or incorrect source data. Declined 51 Code Keep in mind that Norton Anti-Virus, Norton Internet Security, and McAfee Security Suite still cause a significant delay. NOT ACCEPTED REMOVE CARD Top of page The chip card inserted cannot be read OR A card-to-terminal communication error occurred.

Open iTunes > Choose "Store" on iTunes menu and authorize your computer.

Don’t worry! MESSAGE ENGLISH/FRENCH SPED MESSAGE ENGLISH/FRENCH APPROVED RESPONSE CODES 000 00 Approved, Account Balances Approved/ Approved/ Included Approuvée Approuvée 001 00 Approved, Account Balances Approved/ Approved/ 10 Not Included Approuvée Approuvée 002 Error 58 - File Already Exists: If this error is encountered during the Pack function, Keystroke may be running on another computer. Anz Eftpos Machine Error Codes Run iTunes in administrative mode.

Error 2147319779 - Automation Error: Library not registred Run SETUPWS.EXE from mapped drive. Sign in to Windows as an administrator > Right click iTunes icon > Select "Properties" > Select "Compatibility" > Check to run as administrator. (For Windows iTunes users) Install all available To....." & only has ignore or cancel as options. http://exactcomputerrepair.com/error-code/pip-error-code-128.html Clear/delete the transaction and re-enter it. #207 - (AR - Credit Invoice) Keystroke was unable to locate a payment.

Use NET CONFIG to set it to 999 minutes. Ask for another form of payment. DECLINED BY CARD Top of page The chip card has declined the transaction. - The PINpad beeps once per second until the chip card is removed. - Remove the card from If Keystroke prints odd characters instead of lines on Reports and Forms: Solution: Change the character set or symbol set on your printer to one which includes the line draw characters

It may be necessary to use the /LOWMEM startup switch to get into Keystroke to run the Pack function. Call SBS for assistance in identifying these file names. Error 63 - Bad Record Number - Pack Data: This error is a sign of a corrupted data file. You can find the originals that you want to transfer to iOS device and change permission.